Watson Pablov

b. 1976 Dominican Republic / United States

Watson Pablov Ventura Garcia is a Dominican painter born in 1976

In the province Maria Trinidad Sánchez Nagua Dominican Republic

is American nationalized.

Pablov's work is the result of an analysis of reality, in which he interprets and decodes what he sees applying "the principle of unusual." In his work we notice various techniques and influences that the artist consciously applied, emphasizing freedom, evolution, change and constant variation.

His work explores different themes and styles, his primary focus is the exploration of forms and techniques that open new spaces of representation and reflection around the creation of images.

His, styles are not limits, but connections. A painter is no longer defined by a single style, but by his ability to explore, merge and reinvent himself, Through the same technical language, diversity becomes his greatest virtue, and testimony of the visual richness of the creative soul.

a black and white painting of a head with wires on it
a painting of a woman with an orange face

©️ Watson Pablov